Garcinia Cambogia – The Miracle Weight Loss Supplement

The fruit known as Malabar tamarind or more popular as garcinia cambogia can be found growing across Indonesia, Myanmar, and southwest India. It has become a very popular supplement for weight loss among those who have a target to lose weight. Although experts and dieticians advocate that the best and most preferred way of losing weight is to adopt a lifestyle that is healthy which includes exercising every day and eating meals that are nutritious, there a lot of people who just would not be in agreement with this. For example, the marketers of these weight loss supplements who make tons of money from these products.

how garcinia looks like

There was a time when capsaicin, green tea extract, and acai berry were the raves of the moment. Today, that attention is being given to garcinia cambogia.

This fruit is small, and shaped like a pumpkin. It is also known as tamarind. Its extract is called hydroxycitric acid and it is from this that the pills of magic and miracle are made from.

A review of previous research is necessary to determine if really this weight loss supplement is working.

According to a study published in 2005 in the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal, scientists carried out tests with a high dose of the extract of garcinia cambogia on a group of male rats that were obese. The result was that the rats all lost weight. However, it appeared that the high doses led to their being diagnosed with toxicity and testicular atrophy.

In a review in 2013 in the Complimentary Theories in Medicine journal, researchers examined clinical tests that utilized extracts in plants as likely treatments for obesity and discovered that the proof was not convincing in a lot of situations.

There was an exception in the combination of garcinia cambogia being paired with a different herb known as gynema sylvestre which revealed a little addition in results in loss of weight. It is a good and hopeful result, but more research is required to be carried out on the subject. This is because as at the time of the study, there were not many positive and conclusive confirmations of the potentiality of the extract garcinia cambogia’s effects.

The only result which appeared to be favorable was just one and that one was because of its combination with another herb. It is possible that the recorded effects could be as a result of the manifestation of that second herb gynema sylvestre. Therefore, it is necessary to still carry out more studies from the perspective of this research.

According to a study in 1998 which was publicized in the American Medical Association journal, after a 3 month period of using randomized women and men who were overweight in a double-blind study, scientists arrived at the conclusion that there was no remarkable nor significant fat or weight loss that had been produced by garcinia cambogia which was higher than the placebo.

This meant that after a period of about 12 weeks, researchers had not been able to notice any radical changes in the fat and weight conditions of their subjects to warrant their endorsement of the extract garcinia cambogia as a valid and reliable supplement for weight loss and fat loss.

scientific studies on garcinia cambogia

The conclusion from the above case studies is simply that anyone who desires to incorporate the use of garcinia cambogia into their program for weight or fat loss should do so while exercising some caution. This is because there is no conclusive evidence that garcinia cambogia is an effective supplement in losing weight.

As a result, it is possible that there might be reactions. Besides, it becomes riskier if you are already taking some other prescription medicines. It is always advisable that you meet with your doctor before the inclusion of any herbal extracts like garcinia cambogia. The interactions could be deadly.