Using Breast Implants For Increasing The Size

increasing breast size with implantsThis is simply a prosthesis that is used to enhance the breasts in terms of size, texture, or form. There are a number of ways in which breast implants could be done. For instance, in the case of mastectomy; the woman simply needs the reconstruction of the breasts. Women, who have undergone mastectomy due to breast cancer, normally have to loose one or both breasts.

In such cases, it is important to have the breasts implants in order to  improve the general appearance of the breasts. Breast implants are the ideal option fro correcting congenital defects as well as the chest deformities. They are also used for breast augmentation which improves the aesthetic value. Breast implants are also commonly used when it comes to transsexual therapies where the male have the desire to have breasts and other female characteristics.

There are three main types of breast implants and these names are derived from their filler materials. They include saline solution, composite filler and silicone gel. During the surgical operation, a tissue expander is normally used to establish an implant pocket where the permanent breast implant will be fixed. In the case of correction in male breasts, a pectoral implant is used to reconstruct and also give an aesthetic appearance on the chest wall of a man.

From the 19th century, breast implants have been commonly used to increase the size of breasts, modify or enhance the look of the woman’s breasts. Saline breast implants are normally made at room temperature.

Compared to the silicone implant, they are known to be very effective in producing a smoother contour on breasts, increased breast size n as well as good texture though they are likely to cause cosmetic issues which involves the wrinkling of the breast’s skin though this is common to women who have less breast tissue. There are five types of insertion methods that are used with breast implants. Inframammary is an insertion which is made along the infra mammary fold. It is normally preferred for the emplacement of implants made from silicone gel material.

Pariareolar is another incision which is made on the periphery of areola. In this case, silicone gel implants can be difficult to be implanted because of the short length. The scars in this operation are normally less visible. Another kind of incision is the transumbilical which involves insertion at the umbilicus. This type is less common it is also risky because of the damage that it can cause to the elastomer silicone. In the transabdominal technique, breast implants are directed from the abdomen into implant pockets that have been dissected bluntly. In the case of breast augmentation, the scars normally disappear after some months.

Breast implants done under the chest muscles have a painful healing period because of the inscions done at the chest. In this case, the victim should not engage in any strenuous activity for a period of around 6 weeks. Breast implants have a number of advantages and has become increasingly popular. The main reason as to why people opt for breast implants is because they improve the appearance and also help in boosting the self esteem of a woman.

It is however wise for a woman to think carefully of what she wants before going for the operation. Candidates for this process are only those who seek for improvement and not necessarily perfection. Discussing with the surgeon on the desired outlook of your breast size and shape is ideal before the final operation so that he comes up with a suitable surgical approach that will satisfy fully satisfy your desires.